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Ritual and routine are important because they provide structure, but devout adherence to structure - submission - can be detrimental to creativity. Always being willing to consider variation to ritual and routine to achieve an acceptable result.

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I really enjoyed reading your post. It gave me real insight into your ritual as I know you and they speak to your process. I found all the details you poured in to this to be compelling and enjoyed the window that it created into your mornings. All the tips & tricks as well as the payoff it the end was very satisfying. My work mornings are get out of bed after a few snoozes on the alarm (I build in 15-20 minutes), use the BR if needed, get a glass of water and Kleenex and do a 10-20 minute morning yoga. I put on calming music cuz the videos I use don’t have any. Music helps set the mood, Kleenex keeps my breathing clear and deep, water for much needed hydration and yoga to set my intention and the tone for the day. Then I put away my yoga stuff and take a shower. If I’m hungry I eat, because I can simply forget to eat for hours, and hit the first task or meeting of the day. Once I’ve had my breakfast, if I’m looking for a treat, I make a homemade Chai Latte (cuz it could otherwise upset my stomach a little), I take a sip and get back to work. Before I know it I’m half way or even all the way through the work day...it’s delightful to enjoy what you do.

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